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Challenging common myths about Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy/counselling are only for those in crisis 
Talking therapies are no longer considered only for those in immediate psychological distress, as ongoing support can be beneficial to everyone.  Whether you are going through a specific crisis, need support from an outsider, or simply want to explore the ways in which you can meet your full potential, psychotherapy and counselling may be able to help.

Therapy is expensive 
We seldom think twice about attending to our physical health by joining a gym, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage etc;  and yet we might question making the same investment in our mental health which can dramatically impact our ability to work and conduct rewarding relationships. When we compare the cost of psychotherapy, it
comes to roughly the same as eating out once a week, yet it offers long term understanding and relief while a dinner offers fleeting pleasure. Investing in your psychological wellbeing is not only an investment into your current state, but also into your future.  

All therapists are the same 
I often say finding the right therapist is like finding the right pair of shoes - you have to try it to find the right fit. Research prove chemistry is more important than the type of training. There are many philosophies and approaches, and even when two therapists are trained in the same modality, their individual style may vary greatly.  Some therapists may talk and intervene more, whilst others will sit back and listen.  You may prefer a more active approach, or benefit from simply having the space to voice your thoughts in the presence of a supportive individual.  For this reason it is important to find a therapist who feels right for you.



You don’t need a therapist , you can work out your own problems 
We all have our blind spots regardless of how self-aware we are, and being able to look at our own psychology has little to do with our intelligence or self-awareness.  Psychotherapists and counsellors are specially trained to notice the processes which we may not be away of.

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