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Myths about Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy/counselling are only for those in crisis 
Talking therapies are no longer considered only for those in immediate psychological distress, as ongoing support can be beneficial to everyone.  Whether you are going through a specific crisis, need support from an outsider, or simply want to explore the ways in which you can meet your full potential, psychotherapy and counselling may be able to help.

It is expensive 
How much money would you spend each year on things that help you feel good about your life superficially; cars, clothes, eating out, holidays, haircuts, technology, coffees and gifts?  When we compare the cost of psychotherapy, it comes to roughly the same as eating out once a week. Compare what this gives you, to the satisfaction of understanding and being at peace with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and the sense of finally reaching your full potential.  Investing in your psychological wellbeing is not only an investment into your current state, but also into your future.  


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